Our aim is to make the world a healthier place. The world has changed and we now live in the culture of “overeating”, where food is constantly consumed and “fast food” and high calorie processed food is widely available.

LiveSlim® Product

LiveSlim® products have been developed using the most advanced scientific research, using breakthrough natural ingredients.


  • 100% active natural ingredients
  • High quality ingredients
  • Proven results
  • Scientifically developed
  • GMP certified
  • 24 hour of continuous action
  • Revolutionary with unique formulas
  • Free delivery in the U.K. and Europe (see delivery page)



testimonial HOME 1 - Alexandra
“LiveSlim changed my life and it will change yours if you want to”
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testimonial HOME 2 - Hugo
“My wife is happier and I’m feeling healthier”
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testimonial HOME 3 - Lena
“Week after week, the extra pounds came off, in a progressive and effective way, not coming back”
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testimonial HOME 4 - Arun
“It worked for me. I now feel more confident and energetic”
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testimonial HOME 5 - Agatha
“I feel fabulous. I lost the weight that I wanted and I can now wear my favourite clothes again”
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